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Concealed Carry Weapons

A subreddit to discuss the concealed carrying of weapons (CCW) and other self-defense topics.

A curse upon the world: China Communist Party Virus

A subreddit dedicated to discussing, exposing and making fun of what the CCP-ruling Chinese government did wrong during the outbreak and aftermath of COVID-19, and any other CCP-related topic. As long as you're interested in China and CCP, and capable of staying respectful towards other redditors, you're welcome here.

東南亞的貿易時代:擴張與危機(1450-1680年‧第2卷) 東南亞的貿易時代:季風吹拂下的土地(1450-1680年‧第1卷) 錢穆 中國經濟史 (美)約瑟夫‧E‧斯蒂格利茨(Joseph E. Stiglitz) 讓全球化造福全球 于鯤 日常生活中的經濟學策略

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